Welcome to the Ecos Portal.

Ecos has developed some internal web tools for employees to utilize in their daily functions in and out of the office. Below is a compiled list of these tools.

Applause/ecoStar Award Nomination

Our Applause Awards provide employees an opportunity to recognize team members for demonstrated high initiative, out-of-the-box thinking and strong customer-service results. Our ecoStar Awards provide management (managers, technical leads, senior managers, directors, etc.) an opportunity to recognize individuals and team members.

Ecos Org Chart

The Ecos Online Organizational Chart will help you put a face with all the names you have just learned as a new employee since we have just added photos to each person's profile!

Ecos Styleguide

Over the years, Ecos has built a unique image through creating, maintaining, protecting and enhancing the Ecos brand. Our Style Guide reveals the attributes, benefits, culture and personality that define the Ecos brand. It also provides specifications for our name, logo, colors, tagline and symbols.
This site is a helpful tool for you to refer to when you have questions about using the logo and supporting images, or need a reference tool for frequently used terms, spelling, grammar and punctuation. All the Ecos branded communications tools and templates are accessible by every employee. Using this site ensures that weas a company have consistent communication, both internally and externally.

Deltek Vision

Enter time into your timesheet, input expenses, track your project/program, view accounting entries, and more.

Ecos Workorder Tracking System

Enter a workorder request or check the status of an open workorder. Ecos' online Workorder Tracking System allows you to communicate with other Ecos Departments when you need help.

Ecos Nucleus

This is where Ecos Program Managers and their staff will walk through the entire process of a project’s lifecycle, from the idea stage to closing. Instead of searching through folders and databases for what you need, all project tools, templates and forms will be right at your fingertips. Using Nucleus will help you save time and provide our clients with strong, consistent and efficient program delivery.

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